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Including Iris West and Jay Garrick’s new trainee on Earth-3, the latest episode ofThe Flash marks thirteen speedsters total over the course of the last four seasons. It could actually be fourteen if/when we get confirmation the mystery girl we’ve seen three times so far is a speedster too. Spoilers for The Flash Season 4 episode 15, “Enter Flashtime,” ahead.


In the final moments of The Flash Season 4 episode 15, “Enter Flashtime,” the same mystery girl we saw in the Crisis on Earth X crossover during Iris and Barry’s wedding appears. She knocks over Caitlin and Harry’s coffees at Jitters, claiming it was because she’s nervous about meeting someone. As it turns out, she was there to meet Caitlin and Harry. When Caitlin says she hopes her meeting goes well, mystery girl says, “It did.”


Who Is The Mystery Girl In The Flash?

Just episodes ago, mystery girl paid for Cisco and Ralph’s drinks and we spotted her scribbling those weird symbols Barry learned from the speed force into a notebook. That would have made sense if she was just a curious teenager wanting to pay her parents a visit, but now her motives are a lot less clear. Why say, “It did?” She must have an agenda. She could be working with DeVoe, she could be Barry and Iris’ child, or she could even be Jay Garrick’s Earth-3 trainee. Here’s all the options we can conjure up about mystery girl.

Dawn Allen

Barry and Iris had twins named Dawn and Don in the comics. You guessed it, they also have superspeed powers and call themselves the ‘Tornado Twins.” This would just be an average guess except the idea of Barry and Iris having twins was introduced earlier this season. Barry came back from the speed force and in his psychotic daze muttered, “More Diapers.” Did someone say unexpected twins?


Jenni Ognats

A second option is Jenni Ognats. She is the granddaughter of Barry Allen and Iris West, the daughter of Dawn Allen and Jeven Ognats, and the cousin of Bart Allen (Impulse). She also eventually developed superspeed and joined the Legion of Super-Heroes as XS. It’s worth mentioning that Bart Allen (the son of Don Allen) traveled to the 21st century to live among his grandfather, Barry, Iris and Wally. We can’t rule out the possibility that The Flash will change the story from Bart to Jenni if they choose to avoid the big Dawn Allen storyline.

Is Mystery Girl Joe & Cecile’s Child?

With Cecile gaining telepathic powers during pregnancy, her child could be a Metahuman. In this case, mystery girl could very well be either Dawn or Jenni. But unlike the comic books, the child would be Joe’s instead Barry and Iris’. Wally West and Linda park also have twins named Iris West II (Impulse) and Jai West in the comics. Cecile’s child may end up as a combination of multiple characters in The Flash family tree even if the baby isn’t mystery girl.


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Is Mystery Girl Jay Garrick’s New Flash In Training?

Barry and Iris having a child still doesn’t make too much sense at this point. We can’t rule out the possibility that the mystery girl is the same mystery girl who is carrying on Jay Garrick’s Flash legacy on Earth-3. But this theory doesn’t explain the most recent interaction and the rather sinister, “It did.” Because this mystery girl placed so much importance on Barry and Iris saying, “I do,” at the wedding, a relative of Iris and Barry still makes the most sense as their marriage could be the foundation for this mystery girls very existence.

Who Is the New Earth-3 Flash?

There are many female speedsters, well known and obscure, in the DC Universe. Nothing we know about Jay Garrick’s speedster trainee (we don’t know much) signifies any connection with speedsters like Sela AllenDanica Williams (fromJustice League Unlimited), Lady Flash of Earth-33, and of course Liberty Belle. The latter would be the most famous option. Liberty Belle, of Earth-2, was the mother of Jesse Quick and wife of Johnny Quick in the comic books.

Iris west is now a speedster in the fourth season of ‘the Flash’

Aside from Iris West (who will debut as a speedster next episode), the newly mentioned Flash on Earth 3, Barry Allen, Jay Garrick and Jesse Quick, other well-intentioned speedsters in the Arrowverse include Kid Flash (now on Legends) and Accelerated Man. The other five are villains: Trajectory, Reverse Flash, The Rival, Savitar and Zoom and Black Flash.
With this new mystery girl twist, it does seem more and more likely she’ll be someone we’ve never met before with limited comic book history attached. What do you think? Let us know in the comments and for more details on Iris West’s turn as a speedster, check out the synopsis for next week’s episodeThe Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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