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Was this wicked? I need help….(must read)

This is a story from one of my clients, enjoy!

“One random day like that, one of my closest friends asked me for some advice on talking to one Brazilian girl he met on Instagram. I saw her picture and she was actually really hot. 😈

But he needed to talk to this girl a lot, so I tried helping him out, but surprisingly it didn’t work, she ended up ghosting him. So he gave up and said that I could try my luck. (remember this)

Long story short, I was shockingly successful, she even gave me her Snapchat and phone number. At first I felt kinda bad, but then I remembered that he was the one who gave me permission so…..

Some days later, I put her picture as my profile picture, I forgot why, but I did it. Then my friend eventually saw the picture and asked how I was so successful, I explained everything to him, but before I finished, he didn’t waste time before he had already sworn for me and blocked me. Till now we haven’t spoken…. “

So tell me my friends, was it my fault? He gave me permission and I tried my luck, who is to blame for all this? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️


Thanks for reading, see you in the next blog! 😄




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