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Kardashians feature in Calvin Klein’s campaign, but Kylie is seen hiding her stomach, is this a sign?

Here we go again, ever since the rumour of Kylie Jenner being pregnant went viral , she hasn’t been seen in public much often. There have been speculations, but no confirmation. Kylie has since been quiet about it, she even hasn’t posted anything since Christmas last month.

But lately, there was a newly released ad campaign for Calvin Klein in which featured all of the infamous siblings.

And what made this ad more interesting was because this is the first time in a while Kylie was seen. But everyone noticed that she was covering her stomach the entire time

Khloe Kardashian, Kendall, Kourtney and Kim all released picture(s) of all the Kardashian/Jenner kids in a Calvin Klein campaign ad, except for Kylie, of course. Kylie wore a big denim outfit that hid her tummy in which led people to think she’s either truly pregnant and covering her pregnancy or she was her sister, Kim Kardashian’s surrogate and is hiding her tummy because she hasn’t recovered from childbirth, or she’s still just messing with us 🤷‍♀️

Khloé, who was pregnant while shooting the campaign, hopes the new campaign will ultimately shed light on the family’s authentic dynamic. “The bond we share is infectious,” she says. “Even though we pick on each other like normal siblings, we are each other’s biggest supporters . . . I want people to see unity, loyalty and strength. We’re a mix of everything, and I think family is the ultimate American dream.”

But everyone (everyone that still cares) is just asking a really simple question….” Is this bitch pregnant or nah?!” 😂

See a link to the video from the Calvin Klein Campaign below:

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