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Why I haven’t been posting lately….

First off, I know, for those who have been asking, I get it, I left you all just hanging around. I literally haven’t posted any content in weeks. But I have an explanation for this. I hope you all would understand.

Growth plan


Last year, I started learning about growing traffic and views over the times. So I  was trying to plan ahead because everyone was going back to school soon, so if I needed to keep my records high, I had to gather more audiences from external sources. I had to expand.


So all I’m saying is that, I’ve just been busy building up my site, in which took so much time. But don’t worry, I’m back, and I have some exclusive content for y’all to see. We might get a little personal this year tho and you might see some new features. Thank you.

I sincerely hope you all understood what’s been going on,  I’ve got lots of gists coming up after, see you in the next blog.

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