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Someone I knew tried the tide pod challenge !!!( not good, obviously )…..

It’s official! 2018 has brought all the teenagers of the internet world to try out this new suicide trend called “the tide pod challenge”, hopefully all of you already know what that is.


I actually sat down one day and started thinking, what has this world actually turned into? People are literally chowing down laundry detergent??!! What idiot does that?


Like as if my words bit me right in my mouth, I suddenly started receiving buzzing  messages from my group chat. They were all having a trending chat that seemed to be interesting.

So I texted one of them and asked “hey what’s up?” ( I didn’t want to scroll up to read the messages because it was like over 700 missed texts! Ain’t nobody got time for that!)

So he texted me back stating that one of our friends  was taken to the hospital because he ate a tide pod on a dare. After he took a bite and swallowed a part of it he spat it out and started having a seizure.


I felt really bad, but also I was surprised. It turned out that basically ANY Idiot would be willing to try this, and unfortunately it happened to my friend. He turned out to be okay in the end tho, luckily.


Please people, realize that if you want attention, eating tide pods won’t give it to you, instead it will give you another type of attention, and it’s called the medical attention! Honestly,  I don’t think I’m really important enough tell any of you to not eat them, but please don’t. 🤦‍♂️😪


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  1. White people.

    1. Lol be careful of your words

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