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Why you should all leave Logan Paul alone….

DADC3D8B-9ED0-49BB-88D7-BD1D20E7195A.jpegThis has been a really tough week for the Paul brothers, the two famous youtube icons. Very sure that most of you have heard the story of Logan Paul’s insensitive filming of a suicide victim in Japan’s suicide forest which followed lots of backlash from the internet, celebrities, news channels, Japan themselves and also some from his fan base.


But I really want to ask this specific question, why exactly does it mean that he should delete his entire YouTube channel? All just for one video?

Youtube didn’t remove the video, it was Logan himself that did it, although it’s raising a lot of awareness to other youtubers concerning why YouTube’s being very bias towards the Paul brothers.

But this is truly a sign of uttermost jealousy to me. For a man who has become so successful in life  is getting a lot of hate just for one video showing a dead body, like as if he’s the first person on earth doing so.


Obviously Logan apologized for the video on twitter in a written statement. But it still got so much criticism from people that it prompted him to make a video apologizing about the whole thing. But since then he hasn’t made any new video blogs (vlogs).


His brother (Jake) on the other hand tried to lay off some of the heat that was going on by posting his own inappropriate video titled “I lost my virginity “ which the thumbnail shows him in a type of sexual position with his girlfriend, but the video actually was all about snowboarding. He did change the thumbnail eventually  but his plan didn’t last long as the whole internet still raged up on Logan.


Now a company is threatening to sue Logan about his own brand that shares the same name with them “Maverick”. When this tension was happening, the original maverick company faced a whopping loss of 4 million dollars thanks to Logan’s slip up.


That wasn’t enough for his haters, because now there’s an online petition for making a legal action based on removing his channel, it currently has over 140,000 signatures! Damn!

Hasn’t the man suffered enough? Or is this a chance for everyone that hated him to shine? He apologized already but people are actually taking this to a whole new level.


I don’t really dislike the Paul brothers, I’m just being observant on the whole thing. I really hope this clears out soon, because it’s the first week of 2018 and there is already so much drama. Thank you for reading and understanding this.


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  1. Lol the video was made just to mess with his fans. You all are mean 😂

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