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Why 2017 was an awesome/horrible year.

Ah! We’ve made it to the final days of the year. And what a year it was! Some of you might say “this year went so fast!”, “2017 is over already?” But actually, what made 2017 a year that was claimed to be a totally awesome/dreadful year? Let’s look at some of the memorable recaps……

President Trump


He was a major influencer of the year, right from day one of his inauguration (swearing in),  he has made a lot of head lines and controversies on the news, starting off with his twitter( definetly),  claims of building a wall, enforcing a Muslim ban, selling public lands etc.

But without him, we couldn’t really say that 2017 was just another year, no, this year was Pres. Donald Trumps year.


Rise of the Memes


Who doesn’t love memes? Memes and GIFs generally are like a part of life’s purpose of humor and entertainment. Though they existed since, this year was where it got its major blow up.

It really made some people careers kick off and also, brought out the creativity in all of us to express our feelings about everything or everyone through pictures with words on them or short repeatitive clips showing reactions.

Youtube and the Youtubers


Want to get rich quick? Or to start having a passion or a career in  making entertaining videos or posting content on a platform for a number of spectators? Then YouTube is just the thing for you! (Or blogging, lol).

Youtube made a huge mark this year, with dozens of record holders like “Despacito” being the current most viewed video ever and also the fastest video to reach two billion views in just 6 months!



It also gave popularity to all the recent YouTubers we have, like the Paul brothers, rice gum, Dolan twins etc. and also some musicians like cardi B, lil pump, BTS etc. Youtube has really innovated the world on how we socialize and get creative through video sharing.



From Wonder Woman to Justice league, then Spider-Man homecoming, Star Wars and many many more remarkable movies, 2017 provided us with most of the Best and also the worst movies. This year has kick started so many upcoming movie sequels that will really get everyone excited.

The Hurricanes


Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria. These four deadly hurricanes were truly one of the most devastating experiences of the year, claiming lives, destroying property, these hurricanes were truly one of the worst things that ever happened in 2017.

#ENDSARS in Nigeria 


In the country of Nigeria, this new era of brutal police men that became notorious for assaulting and harassing people and also behaving uncivilized and unruly towards citizens.

SARS is a branch of the Nigerian police under the criminal investigating department (CID). The CID is the highest investigating arm of the Nigerian police force. 2017 will be remembered as the year that the hashtag #ENDSARS was created.



Speaking of hashtags, during a period in late October, the famous hashtag #METOO was created on twitter in order for women to speak up against sexual harassment and assault against film producer and executive Harvey Weinstein, who had been accused of harassing 57 women. What a year for feminist to shine, Oh boy!

Advancement in science and technology


This year also sparked a major step forward for some tech giants. With the creation of the futuristic phones like Apples latest iPhone X and googles pixel 2. And astronomers discovering 5 new earth-like planets, are these hints of the future coming closer than expected?


There were many more honorable mentions like the athletic robot Atlas, Tesla’s latest model 3, incredible flexible phones, etc.



And finally, on this recap, is my own statement of success. 2017 was a year that I personally feel was where I discovered my potentials, I know I’m not the only person that is experiencing this change, but for all those that are, my main advice for you is to work hard, even if you like it or not, the moment you’re about to quit is usually the time the miracle happens.


Thank you 2017, but now, we have to move on. Hello 2018, are you gonna be ready for us? I know there were many more things I didn’t mention but for the sake of your interests and the length of this blog, I chose not to add them.  Please share and have a happy last day of 2017.




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  1. These are very true points I believe that these things truly influenced 2017

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