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A Christmas horror story

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the holidays because I’m going to  spook things up a bit. What you’re about to read is a true story of what happened to someone on the night of Christmas Eve. Enjoy!

The night shift 


Last year on Christmas Eve, I was working late, I’m a 22 year old man , but since I was one of the youngest workers in the office I got stuck on the worst shifts, so I wasn’t able to go home until 6 pm.

My family had already gone an hour ahead of me, so I had to drive alone. After having a quick snack I got into my car and put my cousins address in my phone.

Halfway through, it had already started to snow very heavily, but I reached my cousins house and manged to catch up with everyone and bring gifts. I stayed till around 11pm. Everyone had already gone sooner, but I still stayed an extra hour just to talk a little bit with my cousin. Now I’ve realised that it was a bad idea to stay that late.

The stranger by the roadside


By the time I had stepped out, it was snowing even more, the ground had even accumulated 2 feet of snow. The drive home was nightmarish, the snow hadn’t even been plowed and it was foggy. So it was really hard to drive through.

Eventually I made a turn into the highway. As I was going through, I noticed the flashing lights of a red car. As I got closer I saw a man waving by the side of his car, so I assumed that something was wrong and he needed some help. So I pulled up behind his car and stepped out to aid him.

Silent night, deadly night


Before I could even come out he had already ran towards me and started to speak in a demanding voice asking if I knew anything about fixing an engine. He kept on answering very quickly to everything I said. So when I told him that I didn’t know how to fix an engine he just said I should wait by the trunk of his car.

I had no idea what he wanted me to do, but I just followed and leaned by the open trunk of his car in anticipation. But suddenly, I heard three aggressive steps from the snow behind me and then, I was forcefully pushed into the trunk of his car!  The night was just full of struggle as the man tried to close the trunk on me. But I over powered him and pushed the trunk over while he fell.

I took advantage of the few seconds I had and brought out my keys. Then the man angrily stood up and rushed towards me, but he stabbed his neck right into my keys and he started bleeding very badly. He fell on his knees and started screaming through the street while I raced towards my car and got the hell out of there.

As I went a little further down, I stopped by and called 911 and told them everything. I came back in 10mins and had already seen the red and blue lights of the police Vehicles. They held the man until an ambulance came for him.

I watched the whole thing and never felt more better in my life. I went home safely and told my family everything. I still felt a bit shaken that Christmas morning and I’ll never forget that moment in my life.




Merry christmas everyone! Happy holidays!

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