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Types of people reacting to FCC’s killing of net neutrality 😂

Those that are very angry and already starting to protest against Ajit pai


Those that are taking this as an opportunity to start making memes on twitter about the end of net neutrality….1E5A80FD-B032-44BF-9FEF-072957C40E7A


…………and of course, about this sucker….


 Those that don’t really care because they are not in the U.S……


………Until they realize that most of their entertainment is provided by the U.S citizens who won’t post anything on the internet anymore


Those that work at internet service companies who are happy because they are the ones benefiting more from it (after they charge you for faster internet speed)


5. Some that actually think it’s a great idea and agree to the legislation of repealing net neutrality.


6. Those that still don’t know what net neutrality is and have no idea what’s going on 


7. Those that have already gone online and started to download all of their favorite videos and articles on the web while they still got the chance.


8. And some who are extremely rich and have no problem with paying $0.99 for a tweet  





Which category are you in? Tune in to see my next blog post! Share with all your friends who are in these category too!












4 thoughts on “Types of people reacting to FCC’s killing of net neutrality 😂

  1. I’m under 6 and 7

    1. Lol I can understand

  2. I’m defiantly 6 lmao

    1. 😂😂

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