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Dumb things that most girls do

Some people might read this and say that guys could do these things too. Obviously yes, but were looking into the key details that most girls in this case usually do that can be determined as very exasperating. Not trying to cause any conflict here, but I just want some girls to try and realize some things most of them do that drive guys nuts (not in a good way).

Being indecisive


A lot of girls do this. Why bother ask to help do some things for some girls when you know that you might not get an answer in time? Especially if you want to buy something for them or so, they waste your time thinking deeply of what exactly they want you to get. It’s that simple, if you don’t decide, I’ll decide for you. Which leads us to our next one……

Not replying texts 


This is like a tradition for most girls. They see your texts, but don’t say anything back. Some don’t even see the texts at all, but you always see them online. Hey what are you doing? You text me, I respond in seconds, but suddenly you die of excitement…….because 2 hours later I’m still waiting for a response!!!

Being fake 


We all have our fake friends. I have seen it happen a lot of times in situations where, if you don’t like someone, you don’t try and keep them out of your life, you don’t confront them about what’s bothering you instead you act super nice to them, then talk shit about them when they leave. If you continue like this, they won’t ever learn and will keep on doing the same thing until you finally say something.

Being over dramatic




This is like the worst thing that ever happens with girls, “If I don’t pass this test, my life is over!” “ I have a cold, OMG, I’m literally dying!” All that being dramatic accomplishes is making the situation a bigger deal than it actually is.



We all know that one girl that constantly declares the final result of things without evidence or proof. They go all the way from the observations down to the conclusions instantly. Dear girls, please get your facts straight first, then conclude.


Did I miss some? Do you agree to these points? Are there more dumb things I forgot to mention? Let me know. I’ll see you again in the next blog. Share this to that one friend that needs this. Thank you.



10 thoughts on “Dumb things that most girls do

  1. True yes mostly girls do these

    1. Lol asin

  2. Man you’re so damn right 😂😂
    Almost all girls do those things

    1. Lol

  3. Hmmm…

  4. Idiot😂
    I guess youre right though

  5. Yeah true

  6. Love ur work boom boom…keep it up i guess🤘

    1. Lol thanks

  7. So true even though am a girl 👏👏keep it up

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