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5 optical illusions that will leave you thinking WTF??!

What’s more fun than to start off your day with a brain teasing optical trick. Here are a few pictures that will leave you rather confused, but amazed……



This is not a GIF, I want you to try and tell me how many black dots you see moving here



This might look like Albert Einstein at first, but take a little distance back from your screen and you’ll suddenly see Marylin Monroe. Never knew the two kinda looked alike.



Which direction is he actually facing? The front or the side?



You have to believe me on this one. But these two squares are actually the same color. Don’t believe? Put your finger across that line separating them. Crazy right?

5. BB711A61-FD6F-44E4-9FC5-2FC4B3A19870

This classic old woman and young woman combo. This illusion shows two women melded together: a classy dressed young woman and an old woman with a shawl. If you’re having a little trouble locating the old woman, try staring at the young woman chin, she’ll soon appear.

Creepy right? Please share to all your friends to trick them too. Join the fun


7 thoughts on “5 optical illusions that will leave you thinking WTF??!

  1. Most of them really got me confused

    1. That’s the point, lol

  2. But in the 5th illusion I still can’t spot the old woman

    1. Be staring at her chin, her face is really long

    2. Me too

  3. I liked number 3
    The rest got me confused Dodd

    1. Lol that’s the point

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