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This is what might happen if you were the last human on earth

Being the last person on earth is a question that most of us have asked ourselves. Like, “Imagine if I were the last person on earth” or in harsh statement like; “I wouldn’t date you even if you were the last person on earth!”. But Imagine if that statement actually came into reality, it definitely might not be that much fun…….or would it?

You wake up one day to realize that there is no one else on earth, no busy streets or anything, just silence. The human race has finally gone extinct, but you are the very last person alive. What would you do in that situation? Well, you could probably do anything  you want without relying on other people. You would be like the king or queen of the world, except that kingdom would be empty. At first, it would be awesome and very empowering. Enjoying every single thing that the remaining part of life has to offer.


But in later times, when you actually do realize that there really isn’t anyone again to communicate with, or to talk with, or do ANYTHING with, thats when reality hits you. Your survival instincts would have to set in. You need to find a proper home, food and clothes ( even the Gucci stores got extinct too!). Your survival is now only dependent on one person, yourself. If there was no one else on earth then there would definitely be no electricity. No more source of light as the electricity would eventually run out and you’re just stranded. This includes water, you’ll have to depend on reservoirs for yourself ( or probably some drinks from any market place in the world).


You have to also be very careful on personal hygiene and the environment, for the fact that you cannot dare to risk getting sick or injured as for there are no medics or doctors around to treat you anymore, or broken legs and hands without any treatment could be fatal.

You would eventually need to move around. Good news is that, since you are clearly alone, you could just hop into an abandoned Buggati or rolls Royce and race down the highway as far as you want to go. Depending on where ever you are, you could go to the best places around there and still do what you want. The world is under you now, but the sad thing is that you will need to be social. Human happiness is derived from relationships. You will obviously need companionship of some kind. Maybe you could just go get yourself a dog or a pet. So enjoy! Be free with yourself  in a world without any laws.



What would you do if you were the last ever living human being on earth? Are these pointers agreeable? Let me know.  I wasn’t available yesterday due to some issues, so get ready for another post coming up later on today! Thank you, and I’ll see you in the next blog!


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  1. I can agree with most of the pointers they are very logical and helpful

    1. Lol thanks

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