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How to get what ever you want ( by knowing what you don’t need)

In this blog, I want to share a little tip on how to get whatever you want. I know there have been many articles and publications discussing this type of topic, but let me ask you something. How many of you have actually put those articles into work? Or maybe you have already started, but how many of you have actually gone so far but gave up at the end? Is it the discouraging progress? The amount of time it’s taking? I have lots of successful stories but in order  not to make this too long, I won’t share it for now.


90% of getting what you want is knowing what you have to give up in order to get it. Here’s what I mean, lets say for example, you wanted to start a youtube channel, or you want to start loosing weight. What is exactly one of the first things you’ll need to do? In order to start posting content, you have to know what not to do that drives peoples interest towards you, the same way as what drives peoples interest away from you. Or you want to start working out, what food will you have to stop eating first in order to reach your body goals. You just have to decide what to give up.


Just a few examples, its possible that you may watch too much television, or spend your time binge watching episodes on the internet or even just laying on your bed. While you should at that moment, have started something. These serve as a major distraction which is a great example of something you might have to give up ( I’m not saying you should) in order to reach your goal.  In my perspective, someone who spends their time on their phones aren’t likely going to find the time to go out there and get what they truly want.

We also have to understand that everything we want to get takes time, focus and effort. Take a moment to pause and think about yourself or what you do every day and put what you’ve learnt down on a list. Everything that isn’t leading you towards your goals mark it down as something you have to learn to sacrifice. It always seems so hard at first because being lazy as shit is truly something the new generation can’t seem to stop. Starting something is always the easiest part. But getting that thing to move forward and grow is the point where people give up. Don’t ever give up on what you start on. Don’t give up because you aren’t seeing any promising results. And also, don’t  give up because it’s taking too long, trust me, everything made perfect takes time to get prepared. Although it isn’t something you should do forever. But also, you will need a little luck.



great_gatsby-1280x750.jpgBut the biggest distractions are really not  from what we do nor how we do them. It’s from us, our choices. 

I promised that I wasn’t going to make this article long, but I really hope I was able to get through someone. Just remember that we have reached that stage in life where we can actually become anything we want, just go and get it! Posting content everyday! Thanks for viewing, please share.



















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