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Bullying, best ways to stop it. (Keaton Jones story)

Bullies! They’re horrible! But sadly, they’re everywhere. It’s not something that teenagers and kids suffer, it can be an issue that adults could suffer too. Why does it happen? How can we stop it?

Who’s Keaton jones?



Recently, a boy named Keaton Jones went viral when a short piece of footage was released and viewed over 36 million times of him telling his mother about his experiences with bullies in his school. The news was not much of a surprise as it has happened many times to all of us, but the over whelming response and out pouring of the public in support of the boy is what raised so much eyebrows.

But also, there is more to the story as we get to go deeper into the kids situation. Many have reported that the incident happened because Keaton repeatedly called another classmate a N******. Then other kids seamlessly started messing with him perhaps in effort to make him stop. And also came some backlash of his mother being up straight racist. How ever the issue is, we can all agree that bullying sucks, and those who execute these practices are losers.

But how can we stop it?


The ultimate step in tackling situations like these is to address the psychological reason to  why a person is acting out that way. Of course that takes time, and to the people they’re hurting, time may not be an option. Well, as bullies may seem to be emotionly disabled, it may be pretty hard to reason with them. If you’re an adult you could just tell them that you don’t really appreciate and like the way they have been treating you and would like them to stop. But, I’m sure you’re  telling them something that they don’t already know. But for bullying to be stopped, people need to go out and speak up against it. If Keaton hadn’t talked about how bullying affected him, more people would not be talking about it now. The more we talk about the effects of bullying the more we know that we aren’t alone. A bully wants you to feel alone because they feel alone. Other than just addressing the experience itself, you can also tackle bullying by creating awareness. Also by taking notice of your environment. Laughing or encouraging nasty behavior is just as bad as the person carrying out the main attack.


Even if we aren’t being bullied ourselves we must stand for those who are, and defend those who are being picked on by others. If a group of people stand against the bully they will feel weak and no longer desire the power in which they seek from you. And one more thing, if you are a bully yourself, stop it, there are many other ways to get the power you want other than force.



These are my reviews and perspective on how bullying could be tackled, posting content everyday! Share and spread these words to anyone you know who’s in the same situation as this. Thank you.














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  1. Wasn’t he the kid that was assumed to be bullied because of his nose, but he was actually bullied because he was being racist

    1. Yes, exactly

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