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Sunday series; What was Jesus Christ like? Did he exist? (Read till the end)

This topic is always quite controversial because the Christian community believes that Yes, he was a real person. However those who are not Christians might wonder if Jesus was actually the son of God or was he a human being just like you and me? Could Jesus really perform miracles? Or was his life an elaborate lie? This blog post does not really wish to offend anybody at all, it just wants to simply unravel the truth. I’m going to share with you all the facts right now, on Ryans gists.
I would firstly like to begin with the fact that no where except in the bible is there an official record of Jesus Christ. Other historians may have written about him, but this was many years after he had died. Hundreds of years to be exact! Not even a record of his death was released, which is odd, because there are different pages in the scriptures of the bible which stated that he died on a cross. There are actually some that believe that Jesus was just an elaborate roman conspiracy.
Joseph Atwill, a controversial biblical scholar believed that the New Testament was written by first century aristocrats and it completely made up the story of Jesus Christ. But if it was, then why exactly did the romans want to invent a new religion? According to Atwill, Christianity may be considered a religion, but he believed romans made it up to vanquish a situation they had, which was jewish Sex. Jewish Sex was a huge problem to them, so they decided to go into a type of warfare( a psychological warfare).  Although this is just a theory, it seemed important enough to include into this article. Lets look at some points and evidence which proved that Christ in-fact did exist.
Romans invading Jerusalem, 70 A.D 
In 70 AD, the romans invaded and destroyed Jerusalem, and slaughtered most of its inhabitants, entire cities were burned and likely so much of the evidence of Jesus. Some of the best remaining evidence of his existence are the several ancient manuscripts found in the 18th to 20th centuries. Also the recent claims of the tomb of Jesus being found in late November of 2017. Archeologists also came across several relics and places that coincide with the new testaments of Jesus. In 1961, more artifacts were found and one bore the name “Pontus Pilate”, the prefect of Judea , a roman governor that was the central figure in the trial that eventually lead to the crucifixion of Jesus.
This artifact has been proven to be 100% authentic meaning that Pilate was in-fact a real person and that Jesus too must have existed. 
So who was Jesus Christ? Was he real?


There were two early roman historians Thaddicus and Ceo Tonius who wrote of Jesus Christ acknowledging him as a genuine real person. There was also a jewish historian Flabius Josephus who made some references about Jesus, stating he was a powerful being. In addition there were different Pagan writers who mentioned Jesus. So does these all mean that Jesus was real? Yes! yes it does. HE WAS A REAL PERSON! A man named Jesus Christ really did live during the first century A.D, and thousands of christians including the apostles were willing to give their lives as martyrs for him.
Thats all my reviewed points and searches based on this topic, thank you all for reading! Posting every single day, so please share and stay tuned for more fascinating and interesting content. Happy Sunday!
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