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Second post: A weird story experience of a Nigerian in Alabama (part 2)

After two days of flying all over some states, I had finally reached Huntsville (BTW, too much airplane food will definitely re-write your stomachs identity). We all lodged in a hotel for a few days till the school opened for orientation. After the fairytale-like experience I had at the airport, I was amazed that it was just the beginning of an adventure for me, because life was just cooking up some more shit for me to deal with!

My horror experience at the thriller hotel……




It was very late at night, we had reached a little hotel where we had to stay for some time before school. After we made our reservations to our rooms, which was across a parking lot, my mom sent me to carry the bags all the way there (thanks a lot mom!). As I was struggling to carry the heavy bags through the dark, lonely road, I started to feel that I was being watched. I had this crazy chill down my spine as I just looked over down the street and I saw a figure there…….A NON-HUMAN FIGURE! I didn’t want to over react on it, so I just continued minding my business by carrying the luggages. This is where it got creepy A.F. That creature-like figure just started to run towards MY DIRECTION!! I didn’t even waste one-second before I was already sprinting and screaming for my life. But suddenly, that creature just turned swiftly and jumped over the fence. I was way too shocked to even think straight about what just happened before I had reached the front desk to complain. They set up all the security agents they had to go on a search for this so called “thing” but they couldn’t find anything, it was gone. I pleaded with my mom for us to change hotels but it all went to no avail as she said that we couldn’t afford to move to another one, so I was stuck there with that experience. I only thank God because, if I had stayed in one place when it was running towards me, I don’t really know what could have happened next.

First day of college !



Fast forward to three weeks, I had bought everything I needed for my accommodation in the university. I had prepared the night before by sleeping really early. When I woke up, it was 7am, I felt refreshed and totally spiced up. But as for my siblings, they were all still sleeping. So I had to tell my mom that I’ll meet her to go to the university alone, but she said that orientation starts later by 11 am (note that).  So I just simply went back to sleep. It was 10.50am when I woke up again. I was very surprised that everyone was already dressed except for me, but I’m a guy, it took me literally less than 2 minutes to completely finish dressing up. The name of my college is The University of Alabama in huntsville. It is really big and beautiful. The picture above is actually one of the amazing sites there. The rooms there were formed into a hotel-suite like platform which kinda looked better than my previous hotel.

But enough about the school, lets jump into orientation time. When I had already finished the registration and stuff, I met with the school to talk about where I needed to go to start, but it turns out that It had already started since 9.30 am! On my first day I already missed out on orientation( once again, thanks a lot mom!). I had no idea about the school at all, so I was completely confused.  But luckily, the people understood my situation and helped me out. In the end I had registered for all my classes and I moved in. After my parents had completely abandoned me by going back to Nigeria, I had started classes, it was confusing at first because the school was so big that I got lost twice. But, I managed to get to my class, only to find out it was already over. These complications just got me very annoyed. But I had a mindset, I had to learn from these many mistakes to advance forward, then eventually I understood everything that I had to do, then the rest of my school life became history!


Thanks for reading todays sequel to my previous post! Please anticipate to share my article with friends and family, lets grow into a nation of complications together. God bless! Stay tuned to future articles, posting new content everyday!

















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  1. Great story I can’t wait for more updates

  2. Well done Ryan. U got me glued on to my screen. Cant wait for d continuation.

    1. Thank you! Working on my best for your satisfaction , the world needs a lot of people like you, God bless you🙏

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