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First blog post: A Weird story of a Nigerian in Alabama (part 1)


Believe it or not, it was a massive surprise and a success at the same time. I don’t even know how to put it. If maybe nearly getting denied a visa, lost in an airport in Germany,  missing out on 70% of the entire orientation, or even entering the wrong classes twice on the first day, and many more, then welcome to my blog channel! 😁



This all started when I got prepared all night for my student visa interview, I had to meet two British ladies for it, lets classify them as the good witch and the bad witch. My reason for saying so is because,  meeting those women was equivalent to living a real life horror story. They were just freely denying families and different people their dream of traveling abroad, not even to mention that they’ll use a microphone through a glass window where everyone in the room will be hearing their heartless comments like, “sorry you’re not qualified to get a visa!”, ”Are you dreaming of going overseas? well keep dreaming because you have been denied!” ,Ouch! sending fear to everyone in the waiting room. Why there was a good witch in the classification is because, she was somehow the most reasonable witch there, she could actually grant you your visa and negotiate with you, although at the same time she can still happily deny you flat. Not to make the story too long,  I managed to get to the good witch and talk to her, which ended up with me getting my visa thanks to my dad who was there beside me.  WHAT A RELIEF OF MY LIFE!!!



We safely went from Nigeria and arrived at Frankfurt, Germany to get to a connecting flight at Charlottesville, then to huntsville Alabama, our destination. It’s all fun and peaceful until your own family totally forgets your whereabouts and almost loose you at the airport of one of the most brutal and powerful nations in the world. Like, OMG!! This happened when I, my mom and siblings (sadly, my dad didn’t come with us for business reasons) were going through the halls completely filled with humans and other species of animals. So, by accident, I was going through the crowd with them when someone stepped on me, making me trip a little bit, but when I stood up, I seemed to have lost my sight of where my family members were, but shortly, I recognized a girl who was wearing the same sweeter as my baby sisters, so I dug through the mass of people and kept on following her for about 4 minutes with my headphones on, listening to some music from my phone. Unbeknownst to me, we reached one of the waiting room gates that led to a plane, where I had realized the most absolute shock ever! That “little girl” I had followed turned out not to be my sister at all! I had no idea who she was! She just coincidentally had the same sweeter as she!


In my attempt to stay calm I tried to call my mom with my phone, as if luck hated me enough, before I could hit “call” my damn phone died! (this is why I recommend an iPhone to you viewers), and I didn’t have my charger with me, I had left it in my sisters purse, therefore making me stranded. I was using a Note 4, so I tried to ask some of the people there for their own chargers, but sadly most of them were using iPhones, and some were just uptight rude and said no. I had to get help, FAST, so I went to one of the assistants there to complain. She seemed helpful at first, but she became very annoying every time I had to repeat my words just for her to understand me, but then, she totally misread my complain and thought I made fun of her( because of my accent) and called one security on me. This security guard was no joke at all, he was so muscular in shape that even his face and fingers had abs. You could imagine how great my fear was until thankfully, my mom saw me from a distance and reached towards me. I had to clear it out with everybody and surprisingly the woman bought it and let me go. I had found my real family and they looked really worried and we nearly missed our flight. But we ended up going just in time and made it to huntsville Alabama to start off college.



Thank you for being part all the way through! the story shall be continued in the next edition! See you then!



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  1. Those witches are in every Embassy. Always denying us of our dreams just to feel good about themselves.

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